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High-precision Electronic Ceramics

Electronic ceramics, also known as the electronics industry with ceramics, which have essential difference compared with the general power of ceramics in the chemical composition, microstructure and electromechanical properties. These differences mainly lies in a series of special technical requirements on the electronic ceramic of the electronic products industry, the most important of which is having a high mechanical strength, high electrical strength, high temperature, moisture, anti-aging, anti-radiation, medium constant adjustable, capacitance temperature coefficient adjustable features.
        Alumina is often used as a raw material porcelain with excellent insulation performance, high frequency, high strength and high temperature. The device exhibits excellent electrical insulation performance, often used as electronic ceramics and structural parts in electronic equipment and devices. The insulation properties increase with the increase of Al2O3 content. The product with high purity and uniform spherical structure produced by us can be used as high-end insulation of electronic ceramic products priority material.


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