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Research Focus
Focusing on thermal conductivity powder, base on customer orientation, not only meet the general demands of customers, but also in accordance with customer special requirement on customized products.
Looking forward to keeping up with the forefront of science and technology, and developing new products to maintain the position of technological leadership, hereby make much greater contribution to the whole society.
R&D Strength
Engineering technology center was founded in 2007, Ya'an City, Sichuan Province, Western China. The responsible of this center is for the pilot-scale and production transformation of new products. Through technological innovation, Bestry has efficiently promoted the healthy  and safe development in the product stability and quality, environmental protection and occupational health and safety.
The R&D center was established in 2010,  Shanghai, China, in order to make full use of regional advantages to recruit excellent teamworkers, keeping being at the forefront of world in the field of thermally conductive powder at domestic market and abroad.
Having been developing  long-term and compact cooperation relationship with research institutions and universities.
Analytical Instruments and Equipment
Bestry possesses advanced analytical and measuring equipment including Japan's Horiba Particle Size Analyzer and OMEC Laser Particle Size Analyzer, BESD Surface Area Analyzer, BESD True Density Analyzer, DZDR-S Thermal Conductivity and Xiangyi DRL-Ⅲ Thermal Conductivity, and so on, providing sufficient experimental conditions and product quality examination for relative staffs.  Besides, By using the resources of universities and research institutes, we can quickly analyze the composition of elements, micro-morphology, the crystal phase, or the pore size distribution and specific surface area and other necessary index.

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