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Yaan Bestry Company held a ‘Summer Cooling Event’for outdoor workers

    In summer, it's hot enough to melt hell. The scorcher has seriously affected the normal life of  people. However, the public security officers, urban management team members and sanitation workers who working outdoor are not afraid of the torridness, and they are diligently sticking to their posts.  In order to show our care to the comrades who struggled in outdoor work, and to alleviate the discomfort caused by the torridness, the trade union committee of Bestry organized the “Summer Cooling Event”.


    Sun Shijiang, the chairman of Bestry's trade union, personally led the company's employees to send the summer goods to the outdoor workers, auxiliary police and UMALE (Urban Management And Law Enforcement). Our company employees cordially showed cares to the outdoor workers, and handed the outdoor workers the goods we prepared, told them the weather is very hot and pay attention to heatstroke. Not only that, our employees also showed respect for their attitudes towards hard work. The workers who received the goods were very happy and thanked us repeatedly. Through the summer cool activities, we showed our cares to the comrades who fought in the front line, Our behavior made their bodies feeling cooler and made their hearts feeling warmer.

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