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Advancing the Development of New Energy Automotive Industry

    By 2025, China's new energy vehicles sales will reach 20% of the total automobile market demand. With the government plan of new energy automobile industry in the next decade, the development of new energy vehicles will be an important driver to uphold sustainable economic and social development.
    In recent years, new energy vehicles, such as family and business cars, taxis and buses, logistics and other specialized vehicles, were vigorously promoted, so it is increasingly prominent to support the strategic significance of the new energy automotive industry.
    The development of new energy automotive industry is an urgent requirement of environmental protection. Presently, urban air pollution is serious and threatens our health, due to traditional fuel vehicle exhaust being the main pollution source. The development of new energy vehicles for transportation can significantly reduce the dependence of oil and improve air quality. Furthermore, China's oil recoverable resources are only 13 to 16-billion tons, and 260-million tons of crude oil is consumed annually. Accordingly, oil resources can only supply a maximum of 80-years. Chinese brand car companies support "new energy vehicles industry” vigorously. In the past, China had no chance to lead the car industry. But, nowadays, new energy has sounded the horn of "turning the corner" and has redefined the automotive industry, which is the opportunity of China's automobile industry.
     In the first half of 2015, the National Ministries and Commissions released nearly ten new supporting policies of energy vehicles, including tax reduction when buying new energy vehicles to promote the use of electric passenger vehicles. In the second half of the year, there was continued support for the new energy automotive industry. In September, prime minister Li Keqiang deployed the electric car charging infrastructure and urban parking lots to boost sales. In October, the general office of the State Council appears “accelerating the construction of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure” through the legislation of a policy intensively supporting new energy automobile industry development.
With effective policies, automobile enterprises actively join in the tide of new energy industry, which promotes production and sales. According to the latest data of the RGL association, the number of new energy automobiles was 28,092 in September, which increased 2.2 times. Among them, electric vehicles sold 19,228 vehicles, which growth was nearly three times. "China's new energy automobile has entered a high-speed development period that will approximately reach 200,000 units sold this year, and will be the world leader in this market. Ministry Vice-minister, Feng Fei, announced the next step will also present rapid development momentum.
     The local government introduced a lot of policies to encourage rapid development of new energy vehicles. Due to these favorable policies, Chinese consumers desire to purchase new energy vehicles. From January 2013 to August 2013, the number of new energy vehicles sold in demonstration cities was 159,600, which comprised of 47% of total sales. 
     At present, Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Xi 'an, Guangzhou, Jiangsu and other places adopt exemption of new energy vehicles in limit line policy during the execution; Shenzhen has become a great city for promoting the usage of new energy vehicles. At the same time, you can direct the registration for new energy vehicles in Shanghai, Xian, Tianjin, Hangzhou and other places.
     In addition, local governments also dynamically study further policies, such as encourage private capital to join operation of the charging pile. With the continuous expansion of the charging infrastructure and the increasing core technology of car companies in the field of high-value, new energy vehicles will accelerate into the fast lane.                                                    

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