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Another Invention Patent of Bestry Issued by SIPO

     Recently, we have received the certification of invention patent issued by the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) of the People's Republic of China. This indicates that our company has made newly important breakthrough in the research and development of new materials.
     The patent was titled "Titanium Dioxide Spherical Composite Oxide and Corresponding Preparation method", authorized number CN102993816B. The invention discloses a method for preparing titanium dioxide spherical composite oxides, which is obtained by special treatment in the method, where the composite oxide of silica is coating spherical titanium dioxide. Through controlling the content of inner layer and outer layer, both high filling rate and high infrared reflectivity can be achieved. The method is expected to applied in the dye, paint, adhesives, polishes and other industries. At present, this composite titanium dioxide synthesized by the method has been identified by the large-scale cooperative enterprise of coating industry, and is expected to be further popularized.
    In recent years, we always strengthen R&D of the new materials and product upgrades or other aspects of the research work step by step. From now on, Bestry has acquired 15 independent intellectual property rights, while a number of inventions and utility model patents are being accepted. Through continuous exploration and independent research and development, we has broken the monopoly position of enterprises from Japan or other overseas in the thermal conductivity filler, paint fillers and other industries successfully, moving toward a brighter and further direction.
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