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Building the Green and Environmental Enterprise

    In order to fully implement the "State Council on the implementation of the scientific concept of development, strengthening environmental protection decision", Bestry earnestly implemented the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee and the State Environmental Protection Administration, the State Ministry of Education and combined with the promulgation and implementation keeping the national environmental spirit of publicity and education program of action and established concept of green wealth, promoting ecological civilization, promoting green production and green consumption, adhering to the scientific concept of development, taking a new road to industrialization, controlling environmental pollution and ecological destruction, accelerating the pace of the construction of Ecological County, promoting the company to save resources, and protecting the environment.
     Bestry promotes "green enterprise" activities and guides staff to conserve resources to protect the environment. We actively guide employees to carry out conservation of water, electricity, coal, oil and gas resources, endorse recycling, utilization, and the effective use of resources to improve the efficiency of resource as well as reduce consumption, and seriously adhere to national and local environmental protection rules and regulations concerning strict implementation of national and local pollutant emission standards. We strictly follow the process of environmental friendly construction of green management system, environmental education and training activities, and are proactive in staff awareness of environmental protection. We practice environmentally friendly technologies and products, and support a cleaner manufacture methodology. We must play a leading role in the demonstration of construction, clean production technology, energy-saving, environmental protection using new technology, and utilize new products to ensure both energy saving and environmental protection. Bestry summarizes our advanced experiences and achievements in the process of production and management and participates in various ways to exchange experience, train and further study, to symbolize an ideal role model for other Chinese manufacturers to emulate.

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