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At present, Bestry consists of two parties, the Yaan Bestry Performance Materials and Shanghai Bestry Performance Materials respectively. The two companies play different roles in the development of company, in order to rationally make full use of all kinds of resources  including the human resource, land resource and energy supply.

Yaan Bestry Performance Materials Corporation
The Main Production Base, 60 thousand square meters and 120 staff totally.
# Address: Mingshan Industrious Park,Mingshan District, Yaan City, Sichuan Province, Western China.
Founded in 2006, is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, production and sales of functional and high value-added powder material applied in the field of thermally conductive materials. In the initial stage of development, the core production technology and equipment were introduced to produce spherical alumina products, which broke the monopoly position of similar enterprises from Japan and French, promoting the rapid development of thermally conductive material in domestic market. During about 10 years of effort, a series of thermally conductive powders with high quality have been developed. Above all, those products have been adopted by cooperative partners. The superior and stable products, high efficiency service throughout sales process make us obtain the valuable trust and support from domestic and overseas companies including the large multinational enterprisesthe ranked No.1 and NO.2 in the field of thermally conductive materials, and we have established long-term and compact technical cooperation relationship with them.
Shanghai Bestry Performance Materials Company Limited
The Sales Service and R&D Center.
# Address: Room A-101, VI-HUB@Jinqiao, No.700 Jiqiao Road, Pudong, Shanghai, China.
established in
2010, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yaan Bestry Performance Materials Corporation, setting as the center of research & development and sales. The industrial park is adjacent to Huawei, BASF, Mitsui, Kyocera, Dow Corning, Hitachi and other powerful technology companies. This land allows us to acquire more opportunities to catch the forefront technology.


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